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tolkienart's Journal

Art Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien
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This community is meant both as a resource to artists who wish to display or link to their Tolkien-inspired art, and for those who wish to browse the same works.

What qualifies as Tolkien-inspired art? Well, certainly drawings, paintings, sculptures, computer-generated art, and other graphic mediums (which technically includes LiveJournal icons, although there is another community specifically for that [lj comm="lotricons"]). Also, other art forms (whether or not you consider them to technically be artforms) such as poetry or fanfic... even costumes! How does your art qualify as "Tolkien-inspired?" It should be based on a character or scene from any of Tolkien's books (movie fanart is also acceptable, as long as it pertains to the movie and not the actors themselves--I'm looking at you Orlando Bloom fans). This goes beyond just Lord of the Rings and makes possible the presentation of minor characters from any of Tolkien's work.

You can either provide a link to the picture if it's displayed somewhere on the web, or you can post it write in the community, but we do request that you hide large pictures or stories or poems behind an LJ cut tag.

Like all artists, we're starving... for constructive criticism! ::is pummled by rotten fruit:: So if you see or read something that tickles your pickle, do be sure to leave a well-intentioned comment. When a person feels good by having their commentlust sated, they're much more likely to freely comment on other's people's art.

In your post, for your own peace-of-mind, it would be best if you included any pertinent information such as if this is a work-in-progress, what characters are involved in the piece, what book it's from (if necessary), and anything else you think may cut down on comments that consist of "What the heck?!"

Mostly, enjoy the community. Your one-stop shop for art inspired by that most famous of fantasy writers.

How to hide your work behind a cut tag:Type in <.lj-cut text="Click me! or whatever you want the link to read".> except remove the periods, then insert the picture or paste in the story. When you've finished with what you want to hide behind the cut tag, type in <./lj-cut.>, again removing the periods.

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