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Arts for Turin

Hi! Everyone!

I have posted here once (2 or 3 months ago ... long time ne~~ ^^" )

So here about my arts for my thesis project. 
Pls. comment to me I'd like to hear how my arts are from you, plssssssssssssss.

Let's see them!

#1 Life at Dor-Lomin

For bigger one pls. go to my DA.

This's bbout childhood of Turin. The compost's seperate in three parts like the door ... the opendoor to Turin's fate.. 

#2 At Guarded Bridge

The very first met of Turin and Beleg at Guarded Bridge of Doriath. 

#3 North Marches with Beleg

Then one day, the messengers did not return out of the north, and Thingol would send no more.
Then Túrin was filled with fear for his mother and his sister, and in grimness of heart he went before the King and asked for mail and sword, and he went out to battle on the marches of Doriath, and became the companion in arms of Beleg.

#4 Kin Search of Turin

Morwen and Niniel travelling from Doriath in search of brother Túrin, before Niniel came under the dragon-spell of Glaurung.

#5 Ivrin, Turin Awakes

After Turin killed Beleg... than arrived at Ivrin.. T[]T 

#6 Of Finduilas

After the Sack of Nargothrond, near the Crossings of Teiglin on the western borders of the Forest of Brethil, Turin found The grave-mound of Finduilas.

#7 Niniel at Haudh-en-Ellelleth

First met of Turin and Niniel at Haudh-en-Ellelleth.

#8 Unspelled to Despair

 Unspelled Nienor by Glaurung at Cabed-en-Aras.

Thx for every comment ka~~ >_<!
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