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Art contest!


III International plastic fine art competition:
Tragic characters in Tolkien's literature

Organised by: ST WIEŻA Municipality Centre of Culture and Art in Bielawa, Poland in co-operation with the Strategy and Town Development Department.

1. The aim of the competition is to engage the fans of JRR Tolkien's literature in Poland and beyond the Polish borders to create and to get knowledge of the world created by Tolkien and find out about the publications of that tremendous professor and writer.

2. The competition is meant for participants over 12 years old; there is no division into categories.

3. In Tolkien's publications there appear many characters being painfully experienced by tragic events in their lives. There are individuals among all the Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, or even Hobbits, whose deeds led to either misery or death. It often was the result of spells cast before, or misconduct. The aim of the competition is to show those characters in specific situations, experiencing their inner pain. The subject is wide, as it contains the whole Tolkien's literature, including the poetry as well.

The Jury appointed by the competition organizer would pay their attention to the work's idea, its quality and technique, as well as which characters have been chosen and how they are located in the history. It can be done at any technique (graphic arts, sculpture).The artistic work is simultaneously an agreement for the regulation, and acceptance of its content. Every competitor is allowed to send up to two works. The format depends only on the author.

4. The works marked only with the logo should be sent to:

M.O.K i S.
ul. Piastowska 19a
58 - 260 Bielawa

Please, add to your work a separate piece of paper with the title of the work and enclose an envelope with the logo, the name and surname, address and contact details (telephone number, e-mail address).

The works without a title will not be taken into consideration

If you need any information, please contact us:
Telephone number: +48 74 645 09 60

5. The works should be sent up to 21 December 2006. The date of the postmark matters.

For all the non-Polish competitors!

Please, do not give the worth of delivery, for the organizer would not pay the customs duty and your work may not find its way to the competition.

6. The competition's result will be announced on the 3rd January, 2007 in Bielawa during TOLK FOLK event celebrating the anniversary of Tolkien's birthday. Within the next two days the organizer will contact the winners to settle the rules for the prizes transfer. The money prizes will be transferred in accordance with the currency obligating in the winner's country.

7. Jury composed of the members of the Tolkien�s Association local press and radio journalists, and the artists, will award the winner with the first prize of 150 Euro, as well as two honourables, 50 Euro each.

The money prizes are guaranteed, however, if there are more founders, there may be more awards.

The First Prize is founded by the Mayor of Bielawa.
The Honourables are founded by Municipality Centre of Culture and Art in Bielawa.
The prizes will be transferred to the winners� saving accounts within 21 days after the results announcement.
In specific situations the Jury may also award the winners with prize gifts.


The organizer has the rights to publish all the works. The works of the winners will be kept by the organizer.

All the works that will not get the prize will be sent back at the authors expense, only if they make a declaration within 20 days after the results announcement.


More information about the organizer and previous competitions at:

Good luck in competition! :D
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