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Finwë, a rough face study: 
10:03pm 28/06/2010
Finwe face study
by ~Sirielle on deviantART

And beloved son of his beloved father:

Not Maedhros, Feanor
by ~Sirielle on deviantART
I was drawing Maedhros, but Fëanor did it again and took his place.
A different style this time, a bit inspired by works of Ayami Kojima.

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Tolkien Illustrator's First Aid Kit: Elves 
06:02pm 27/02/2010
  Might be useful for writers, too. Here:


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Arwen Undomiel 
07:17pm 16/04/2008
  Some digital painting from me. Another work with tablet.

Here you can find the link to the bigger size and finally to the full size image . :)

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Let the havens burn 
08:28pm 25/02/2008
  Inspired by The Silmarillion. Cropped preview and link to the image:

Let the havens burn

Cross-posting to related communities.

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Battles and Combats of the I Age - Art Contest 
11:51pm 08/01/2008
  4th International Art Competition, with a special prize from John Howe.
Details: http://news.deviantart.com/article/40189/
Help to spread the word and fav the news at dA :)

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The 30th Anniversary of the Silmarillion Project 
11:53pm 11/09/2007
  Hello fellow Tolkien fans with brilliant art skills :) I thought I'll bring you news about this Silmarillion anniversary project, let me quote after ladyelleth:

"Like the subject line says, a book we all love is nearing its 30th publication anniversary - 09/15/1977 marks the day the Silmarillion was first published, and now, 30 years later, we need your help to celebrate!

"I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole, and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama. Absurd."
~J.R.R.Tolkien in a letter to Milton Waldman, (probably) in late 1951

It's not all that absurd, is it? The fans have made that abundantly clear and the brilliant oloriel had the fabulous idea to gather all contributions to this very special day in one place. For the rest of the month (starting on the 15th), feel free to share all paint, music, drama, and other Silmarillion-related material in the Silmarillion Anniversary Celebration community on LiveJournal. Your material doesn't have to be new either - whatever you want to post, please do so!

Thanks for reading, please participate, and please spread the news - the more the merrier, isn't it?


The detailed information is here:


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FotR illustration 
10:12am 20/08/2007
  Characters: Gandalf, Bilbo and random hobbit children
Rating: G
Medium: coloured pencils. I can't get used to the prismas. Maybe I should use a paper with more tooth, but all in all, they are too soft and waxy.
Notes: I honestly wanted to try a less bright and colourful scene, but somehow, the idea of the Shire in glowing greens and bright colours has been so firmly established in my mind after watching FotR for a dozen times, I couldn't get rid of it. I blame Peter Jackson for the result.

Link goes to my own journal.

A Long-expected Party

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MANIPULATION - Despair... - Full frontal nudity but nothing showing 
08:51pm 12/08/2007
mood: indescribable
I'm in such a mood that I can not bring myself to manipulate anything with a face.
So I made one that didn't need a face and would show how I'm feeling.
I named this 'Despair'. It is an elf who lost his mate at the First Age. He can't go back to Valinor to be with his love due to his duty to his people as a ruler.
So all he can do is despair when he is on solitude.
Hair by Lully locks.
Bracelet by me
Water by Flood filter from Flaming Pearl.
Background from Renderosity
FB is most welcome.
For those at the LOTR fandom fell free to write anything about the picture. I really would like to read it.

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Wizard art 
02:19pm 08/05/2007
  Hi! This is my first post here, and also the first Tolkien related drawing I did in many years! But I plan to do much more in the future.

Title: Of Gandalf, Saruman and the Shire
Medium: coloured pencils
Characters: Gandalf and Saruman + Galadriel in the background. It's a scene from a short text from the Unfinished Tales.


Link: posted in my own journal, with a quote and some commentary.

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Arts for Turin 
05:15am 25/11/2006

Hi! Everyone!

I have posted here once (2 or 3 months ago ... long time ne~~ ^^" )

So here about my arts for my thesis project. 
Pls. comment to me I'd like to hear how my arts are from you, plssssssssssssss.

Let's see them!

Thx for every comment ka~~ >_<!

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pen and ink art 
09:21pm 24/11/2006
  Hi! This is my first post here. :)


Title: Gandalf goes to BagEnd
Medium: pen and ink on paper
Original size: A4

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some art with Erestor 
02:06pm 31/10/2006
mood: artistic
Title: A little bundle of fluff
Characters: Erestor and his cat
Rating: G (fluff!)
Medium: ballpoint pen
Note: Erestor of Rivendell with his cat, Hedgehog. ;) This is inspired by a fic by oakenshield_fic, called "A Little Bundle of Fluff". You can find it here. And seeing as there isn't an official word for it, if anybody can or knows someone who can translate "hedgehog" into Sindarin so we know what the little kitten is REALLY called, do let me know :)
Link: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/42268375/

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Who is Tolkien's most unappreciated character? 
10:56pm 26/10/2006
  Why, I am, of course!

Er... that is to say... Gorlim is. So here, I give you.... ART!! To my knowledge, these are the only pieces of fan art in existence featuring Gorlim, son of Angrim, called the Unhappy -- except for that one painting by Ted Nasmith which features three figures reputed to be Gorlim, Beren, and Barahir, though there's no way to tell which is which.

Title: N/A
Rating: G
Medium: Oil pastel
Notes: Experimental character studies, pardon the bad photo quality.
Link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v78/truefeather/Pastels.jpg

Title: Traitor Betrayed
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil
Notes: Gorlim stands before the window of his old house, now long in ruins, his sword drawn as he turns to face the ambush of Sauron's soldiers after glimpsing what he believes to be the face of his beloved wife for the first time since riding to war five long years ago.
Link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v78/truefeather/Gorlim-1.jpg

Title: Dorthonion Immortal
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil
Notes: Gorlim and Eilinel stand in an embrace, framed by a view of Sauron's armies marching on the Northern slopes of Dorthonion, a Balrog perched over the Mound of the Slain, and to the right, a view of the highlands over Ard Galen, the two views seperated by Gorlim's sword. One can only hope beyond hope that the found each other in the end once more. The poem is "Sonnet" by Hillaire Belloc (words are reproduced below, as they are difficult to read in the picture).
Link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v78/truefeather/immeasurabledorthonion.jpg

We will not whisper, we have found the place
Of silence and the endless halls of sleep.
Of that which breathes alone throughout the deep
The end and the beginning; and the face
Between the level brows of whose blind eyes
Lie plenary contentment, full surcease
Of violence, and the passionless long peace
Wherein we lose our human lullabies.

Look up and tell the immeasurable height
Between the vault of the world and your dear head;
That's death, my little sister, and the night
Which was our Mother beckons us to bed,
Where large oblivion in her house is laid
For us tired children, now our games are played.

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Art contest! 
02:38pm 22/10/2006

III International plastic fine art competition:
Tragic characters in Tolkien's literature

Organised by: ST WIEŻA Municipality Centre of Culture and Art in Bielawa, Poland in co-operation with the Strategy and Town Development Department. www.TolkFolk.pl

detailsCollapse )

Good luck in competition! :D

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Erestor, Arwen and Elrohir/Elladan 
03:21pm 15/10/2006
mood: more elf portraits to follow..
Title: Erestor
Rating: G
Medium: Drawing, digital touchup
Notes: As I did Glorfindel, I tried to draw my perfect Erestor. oakenshield_fic could not believe how CUTE he was! But I asked her and she said it was right for how she saw him, so I hope others agree with it too. Or just like the art. This one's a bit darker than Glorfindel... because he IS darker than Glorfindel.
Link: Chief counsellor of Rivendell

Title: Arwen Undomiel
Rating: G
Medium: Drawing, digital touchup
Notes: Arwen. Based on Liv Tyler of course, because Liv Tyler just ...works.
Link: The Evenstar

Title: The Sons of Elrond
Rating: G
Medium: Drawing, digital touchup
Notes: Elladan and Elrohir (well, the other way around really - Ro's on the left.) as I see them.
Link: Sons of Elrond

Thanks to everyone who commented on Glorfindel, by the way! :)

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Glorfindel portrait 
03:14pm 14/10/2006
mood: artistic
Title: Glorfindel
Rating: G
Medium: Drawing, digital touchup
Notes: I tried to draw the perfect (for me) Glorfindel. Somewhere in the middle between Sandro Kopp and Todd Mane. Also I tried to do clever digital highlighty stuff and I think I succeeded in both.
Link: Hello, Goldy!

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Fanfiction illustrations 
09:50am 06/10/2006
mood: *sniffles* I have a cold...!
I'm not sure if this is allowed here, but it features mainly canon characters save for one, so I assume it might be alright :)

My girlfriend has been finishing her novel-size fanfiction tale of Elladan, Elrohir and their family around them lately, and she asked me to do elfy illustrations for her! She posted the finished story on her fiction journal, oakenshield_fic, here - A Bond of Brothers, so feel free to read if you're interested in what these illustrations are for :)

Ratings go up to PG-13 for male/male kisses, and Elladan/Elrohir is obviously (tw)incestuous. Still worksafe, though, all of it. Only, you have been warned. Don't flame :)

Here are all the 14 illos in order.Collapse )

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My new SKETCHBOOK is available Online! 
05:35pm 04/09/2006
  Hey folks, just wanted to give you the heads up that my first-ever Self-Published SKETCHBOOK is now available Online.

I'm really happy with how it came out. I think the work speaks for itself, but I really put a lot of extra care into the presentation. It's all glossy paper, and I put a lot into designing the layout for each and every page. What's more, I've included lots of notes on each page. For every sketch, there's a story behind it, and I feel those stories help to get into an artist's mind when taking in their art.

< img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v60/planetmatt/Sketchcov.jpg" >

The book has sections on STAR WARS, LORD OF THE RINGS, COMICS, HOLLYWOOD stuff, MUSIC art, BABES, WITCHBLADE, DANGER GIRL, and even sketchbook pages from my Independent Movie, CONJURE. From the simplest sketch to highly rendered tonal drawings, you'll find it all in this 36 page sketchbook.

Previously only available at select shows and conventions, you can now get one of these SIGNED and NUMBERED sketchbooks by CLICKING the ABOVE COVER!

Thanks so much for your support! :)

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New Artwork - "Spring" 
03:04am 28/05/2006
  Dramatis Personae: Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, A butterfly and *numerous* daisies.
Rating: PG - bit of SLASH;
Medium: Watercolour pencils (Derwents), black ink, white ink on coloured paper.

LJ-link: "Spring".

Link to my website.

Love, and hope you enjoy, Solarfall (and sorry for cross-posting!)